Friday, August 28, 2015

How to hire a magician for you Child's birthday party

The first thing to do is to find a magician.
That isn't too hard.
You can go to the internet and simply 'Google' "Magician" in your area.
Or use a service like GigMaster.
But from there, what is next to assure that you have the best magician for your child's party?
•Check their Facebook page.

Each magician should have a Facebook page.
The magician should be updating their page with events and information.
Search their reviews.
See how many stars they have. check that they are active with children's shows and events.

You can search for Magicians.
The magician should 'pay the fee' for you so you don't have to.
Check their reviews and view their pictures, video and promotional material.
It should show that the magician does lots of children's shows.

Don't be afraid that a call is going to result in a pressure sale.
If the Magician does try to pressure you, you have an easy out: "I need to get back to you, Thank you very much". Then hang up.
Here are the biggest things to ask are;
•How long is your show

•How many years have you been performing magic for children
•What special things await the birthday child
•What time do you arrive
•Does the party have to start 'on time'
•Is there a problem with recording the show and taking pictures
•When taking pictures ask if it is OK to stand behind the magician.
•You want pictures of the kids
•How much space do you need
•Can we perform outside

Now that you know what to ask, you are all set to call that Magician.

Age is usually not a factor

There are many qualified magicians who are teenagers or even younger.
However, you should ask for a referral when taking with these magicians.
They can be very good but still inexperienced at handling young children.

Regardless of the age, I look for is "Energy".
Is the magician very animated?
Does she or he give off 'a good vide' and show enthusiasm?
If you have a good feeling about this person, you are probably ok.


This is the tough part.
A magician with not too many years under their belt should not be charging $500.
But don't be discouraged because they could be worth it.
You need to look at your budget and what you can afford.
My shows run from $175 to $400 depending on the length of the show, theme, extras and travel.
If you live 200 miles from the entertainer, you should expect a higher performance fee.

One thing I do not do is "Nickel and Dime you".
If you want a themed show I won't 'up sell'. (Salesfolks are now cringing)
I will tell you my price and everything that is included.
If there are some extras you want and they are reasonable then I will simply add them.

Thank you. These mean more than money to me. They mean you really appreciated the effort and my performance. Tips can range from $5 to 20% or more of the price of the show.
And I really am a very happy Magician when you give that little extra. Thank You!


Magicians with animals will charge more. They have to care for their animals.
You should ask how many they have.
I mean that if they are bringing in a bunny, do they have the same bunny for all their shows?
I feel that is cruel if the Magician is doing a lot of shows.
The animal needs rest.

Also ask about 'clean up' that the Magician will do.
Animals are not always 'trained' to speak. So just ask what you should expect in ways of 'a mess'.


If they say "No pictures" then go find another Magician.
YOU are paying for the show and the memories.
Some magicians are worried that their material will be 'stolen' or used in a manner that they might not want.
And I do believe that the client should respect the Magician.
But for sure, you should charge up those cameras and place a few camcorders around.
This IS your show.

Some magicians will record the show for you.
But that is expensive. I use Interlocking Applications, Odd Jobs division.
I do not get a commission on this because the cost to record, edit and deliver is quite a few hundred
dollars. It's there is a client really wants it.
•When do they arrive?

The magician should arrive at least an hour prior to show time.
This allows them to setup and get familiar with the kids.
I love to setup, do some magic with the kids and adults prior to the show.

I hope this helps you out.
There is a lot here but I find it important when you want to have a quality show for your kids.
This IS a once in a lifetime event because next year, your kid(s) is a year older.
And this does bring the excitement of live theater right to your home.


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