Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tips for a great Child's Magic Birthday Party

You want a great party for your child. 
So what should you keep in mind when planning the party.

Space for the Magic
The space for magic should be about 10′ wide x 8′ deep.
This will allow the magician an area to bring the kids up with the magician.
If you want a professional backdrop the allow for a 18' x 10' space.

Have plenty of space for the kids to sit.
They should be about 5’ in front of the magician to give the magician and the participants space to perform.

Avoid having the kids to the side. Kids will see some secrets and will be very pleased to shout them out. But that takes away from the entertainment.

Inside is best but it is sooooo nice out
Magicians usually prefer inside.
Truthfully, I like to be outdoors. 
The kids are getting plenty fresh air and can have space to run around before and after the show.
When I’m performing a magic show in Boston, sometimes the parents have a hard to find a good place outside.
You could talk to the local parks department or private estates to see if you could rent some outdoor space if you don’t have your own yard.

If you are having your party outside, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Pick a level spot near trees with the sun to the Magician's front so the kids won’t be looking directly into it
  • Use a few old bed sheets for the kids to sit on. Just throw them in the laundry after the show.
  • Have some chairs setup behind the kids for adults
  • If you have a Bouncy House, turn it off 5 minutes prior to the show
  • If it is windy at all, or a chance of rain, prepare to have the party inside.

Adults want to talk
For the adults, sometimes there are things to talk about rather than watch your kid watching the magic show. I can’t imagine what but apparently there is. :)

So I just suggest a place for them to enjoy each other’s company during the show. Usually there is not a problem so don’t put any extra further effort into it.
Remind them before the party that this is the place for them to interact with their kids.
They are more than welcome to join in and sit with their kids

Have cameras ready.
Take Videos.
This is the time to make those Memories!

When taking pictures, stand behind the magician.
Ask the Magician first.
However, it’s your show and you want to get good pictures of your kid’s reactions.

I have no problem if you are standing behind me or to my right or left.
The Magician should help you find the places where you can take some great photos when your child is on stage and in the audience

Cake and Presents
Have the Cake and Presents in another room if possible so the kids are not distracted from the magic show.

How many kids?
You want to please your child, but too many kids is not always a good thing.
For a private party in a large hall, then 30 to 50 kids can work.
But in your home, think about the space you have. Imagine 40 kids in your living room or play room. I bet you just cut the number down to 15 didn’t you?

Goodie Bags.
It is not always a good deal to ask the Magician to supply goodie bags.
The magician will usually charge a premium for the goodies.
It's an 'add-on' that you can solve yourself.
There are so many online shops to buy just the right toys and nick-knacks for your party. You can purchase just the right items at a very good price.

Theme parties.
Many magicians will do Theme Magic parties. I do.
Keep in mind that a full theme party could almost double the price.
This is due to purchasing special props, costumes, backdrops and music.

A good magician purchases all their music and each piece, 30 seconds of it, could cost upwards of $39. And it might only be used one more time during the year so it is expensive.

When I do a theme party, I will perform tailor the show to fit the theme.
I’ll update some magic to reflect the party’s image.
And I will find cool music for the party.
Also I’ll setup a nice backdrop (space available) and props appropriate for the theme.

You should give an extra 2 weeks’ notice if you want a full themed Magic Party.

When to Book
It is best to book the party at least 8 weeks in advance to get the date you want.
Good Birthday Magicians having bookings that are a month or more in the future.

That’s about it.
I hope this helps and that I will see you at your child’s next party


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